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We all can see the world is changing, with environmental, technological and societal developments showing high impact and disruptive change. So how can you embrace the situation and harness the opportunity? 
I am John Campbell, founder of the Global Digital Community, a digital transformation coach and futurist. I help you prepare and grow your organisation to embrace change by working with you to introduce digital transformation harnessing your team’s creativity and innovation. 
I aim to help organisations and individuals meet their charitable mission, achieve sustainability and growth and benefit from opportunities in the future. 
I am also passionate about encouraging more people active outdoors, appreciating nature and its benefit. So we have created the mobile myGeo scavenger hunt and trail products along with events and challenges to connect and help as many people as possible. 

John Campbell

Discuss, share and learn with others.
Join the Inspired Changemaker Community
We can all contribute to help make change happen.

  • You know you need to transform and use better digital methods to grow.
  • Do you need help figuring out how to get started looking at change?
  • Are you concerned you lack the resources or capability to succeed?
  • Is the technology required a worry and a blocker to progress?
  • Do you worry about being unable to predict the future?
  • Are you worried about trying and failing?

Then you are not alone; I am creating a new community for organisations with a charitable mission to give you a space to discuss and review the opportunities and challenges. Together we will use digital transformational methods and smart thinking to develop, grow and become more sustainable to help more people.

Take part in member discussions, weekly topics on transformational change, opportunities to learn new techniques and be part of an inspired and active group of changemakers.

Global Digital activity

Inspired & Active

Making change happen needs inspired thinking and, most importantly, to take action. Inspired and Active is the ethos behind our consultancy and support.

Digital Projects

To support your digital transformation and change, we deliver project support to ensure you can realise real benefits by making ideas happen.


myGeo Products

We aim to encourage more people to be active outdoors and offer a series of mobile trail and puzzle hunt apps to create  activities for anyone anywhere.

Adventure events

Using our myGeo products, we run adventure events to give you opportunities to compete in incredible places enjoying the wilderness.


We run regular events and challenges to let you enjoy the outdoors, introducing challenges and give you opportunities to engage with others. If you want to run your own event we will give you all the digital tools and advice to make it a real success.

Map your trail

Jump straight in and click on the store button or go to your app store and search for myGEOAdventure and download the player. This will list available adventures, letting you filter the list to choose the myGeoAdventure to download. When ready take on the adventure challenge by starting the adventure from the list.
If you want to build your own outdoor adventures just register for a GEO Builder trial account, creating your login and password to use the Web builder. Download the myGEOBuilder mobile app which lets you build the adventures on your phone as you go.

Create your first myGeo Scatter!

you Create it – they Play it

Create your event using the myGeoScatter event creator and mobile app. Create events for your family or group to do anywhere at any time. A fun, competitive event for all ages. Freedom to create a trail anywhere, in your town, countryside or park. Get myGeoScatter app, and use the Scatter Creator to let you create events for anyone to enjoy.Also to help download our Adventure Blueprint to give some helpful tips on creating your adventure.

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Getting the world moving

We are setting up a challenge for everyone to take part. Over the last couple of years we have all got out less, we all must spend time outdoors, time outside in open areas helps our physical fitness and mental wellbeing.

Therefore we are creating a Geo challenge to let you set up geomarkers to find in your community anywhere in the world. As you find markers, the scoreboard is updated, and you can track points, time and distance for your community group. If you want more information on how to get involved, please connect with us, and I will send you more information.

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This is a quote I can relate to - we cannot be afraid to push out to make change happen....

“If you absolutely can't tolerate critics, then don't do anything new or interesting.” — Jeff Bezos

This is something we need to connect with and support.

What an incredible response to our e-action following the recent #AttackOnNature. As Stephen says we’ve got a fight on our hands - but there’s loads of us!
Nature needs us now! If you haven't already tell your MP how you feel. Our e-action is here ➡️

My Tip for the day: journal (write not type) each morning, and intentionally set out your top 3 actions for your work and for your non-work life. Add an activity you will do to help your day flow, e.g. a walk, run, call a friend. Finish with one statement of intent - I will...

Are we too busy in my business and life, I ask myself if I am spending my time and energy on the life I have committed to making? If it isn't why is it even a consideration? We need to make room for what you want and get rid of the rest, it's THAT simple. So why don't we do it?

"The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance." (Nathaniel Branden)

We need to think out of the box to introduce new ideas to big problems.

After attending the Scotland The Big Picture Rewilding conference last weekend it made me think. ...Consider my rambling thinking in the article linked in my linktree.

The natural ecosystem balance is in negative and we need to see change happen. Big problems such as natural imbalance and climate change, need different thinking. That's where we need to help.

My deliberations bring me to one of my core ambition and goals. In my role and drive as a Transformation leader and a futurist, I help to make change happen. The weekend conference laid bare the challenges ahead in this arena of the natural ecosystem.

We had presentations on the importance of Insects to the environment, The Red Deer population challenges, the plight of species such as Beaver, the deterioration of our river system, extraordinary community actions and the need for us all to think and realise the problems ahead.

Now it is not all about rewilding and ecology. It also connects to our Climate Change worries, community regeneration priorities and people's financial and mental wellness.

But how can we take on such significant issues? Unfortunately, due to the perceived difficulties in finding any solution, the typical approach is to do nothing, someone else's problem.

Consider my rambling thinking in the article linked in my linktree in my bio, comments always welcome

#transformation #change #rewilding #inspiredandactive

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