• myGEOAdventure is an easy to use web platform which enables you to create your adventures for your friends, groups and family or make available to anyone to let them list and download using the myGEO App to run and follow the adventure. All you need is a login and you can create an adventure.  You have the option to charge for the adventure players to download your adventure or to provide for free. Great for family fun and family activities, for your group and friends.  Provide adventure in cities for the tourists and anyone simply wanting to learn about your area. Unlimited opportunity to engage and motivate us all the get outdoors
  • myGeoAdventures are trails set by anyone anywhere across the globe where when playing the myGeoadventure will be directed to follow a journey using the mobile phone app through a series of geo-located points on a map. Each waypoint you will have the opportunity to score points by taking on challenges and to find out about the area with information provided in the text, image or video. Knowledge can be added into the app at each point of interest on nature, geology or history. The myGeoAdventure can be enjoyed for exploration, family fun or educational journeys around an area walking, cycling or by car. There is no limitation to the number of adventures you can create.


  • Build a fun and engaging outdoor adventure for everyone

  • Automatically download onto your mobile phone to play

  • Be creative in your adventure, include challenges and fun facts

  • Your distance traveled, score and your photos taken uploaded to your own personal website.


  • Are you finding it harder to get your children, friends or group to get out and do more?
  • Do your children spend too long on devices and game stations?
  • Do you want to get your family outside and be motivated to go for walks or cycles?
  • Do you want to quickly create your own adventure as often as you want?

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