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In Global Digital, there is a drive and passion for helping you make change happen for you individually or in your organisation. Look at the problems we have across the world today in your organisation or community. We can all help and make a difference. Small steps can lead to big results.
I formed Global Digital Community in 2013 after stepping into the entrepreneurial world in the early ’90s, working on business transformation during the introduction of the PC, web and mobile eras. In my role as a Futurist, we must look at how we can benefit and realise opportunities in the next evolution of digital change to help address the increasing global challenges.

Under our Inspired&Active brand, where we want to inspire you to take action towards your charitable mission, we connect like-minded people to share, construct, and implement best practices in our new Inspired and Active community.
As entrepreneurs with a passion for creating impactful solutions, we share all our thinking, and findings and provide you with quality consultancy and development advice and services as appropriate to your organisation.

We provide high-value digital solutions that drive business growth for you. In addition, we serve as an agency partner by aligning digital strategy with execution and working in tandem with your in-house teams or as an independent department. Working side by side, our design, creative, and development teams can rapidly prototype ideas and designs for innovative and effective solutions.

We are proud of our MyGeo products developed for organisations or parents to build a fun scavenger hunt-style game to encourage more people to be active outdoors.

Also, as a Transformation Director in the Scottish Government, I work with organisations with a charitable mission introducing change frameworks and helping to deliver their vision and operating challenges.

John Campbell

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