We have two hubs in the UK - one located in the historical town of Stirling in Central Scotland and the second in the beautiful Isle of Wight, in Southeast England.  The hubs provide us with the perfect location to work with our offices around the world providing services to companies across the UK and Europe. 

Stirling Hub

Stirling is an historic city with it castles and monuments and only a short distance from other amazing Scottish landmarks Edinburgh City, St Andrews for golf and beaches, Glencoe for rugged mountains in the Highlands and Aviemore the adventure centre of Scotland. The Hub is located on the Innovation park of Stirling University, one of the leading research and academic universtities in the UK.  

Isle of Wight Hub
The UK escape hub is situated in Cowes in the picturesque Isle of Wight. The island is often described as a mini UK with scenic chalk downs, sea stacks, unspoilt beaches, rural countryside and quaint villages.

If you feel inclined you are able to walk around the islands 67 mile circular coastal route, or drive around the island in a few hours.

For such a small island however it does hold its own on a global scale. Every year the islands festivals and sailing regatta’s draw in thousands of visitors from all over the world. It has even had a number of famous residents over the years including Bear Grylls, Winston Churchill and Dame Ellen MacArthur.

With many activities to offer including surfing, sailing and walking the Isle of Wight provides an exciting and most importantly inspiring environment for our teams to work in. Via high speed links to the main land we are able to travel around the London, Surrey and Kent regions meeting customers face to face when appropriate.